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Week 30 Ironman Training - 14th-20th August 2016 - You are an Ironman!

I can't believe it, it happened, I became an Ironman!  

We had a fantastic trip to Sweden.  Everything went very smoothly, 6 of us stayed in an Airbnb and we had the best fun.  The whole trip was filled with lots and lots of laughs!

On race day, the water was lovely, it was a self seeded start which took a lot of the craziness out of it.  The swim seemed quite long and that was confirmed when I downloaded my data, I swam 4145m.  I found the route to be quite confusing and the buoys hard to see and I think if there hadn't been people in front of me I would have gone way off course.  

Kalmar is a lovely place, really flat with great roads so on paper the bike should have been easy and for the first bit that's exactly what it was.   However, I was swiftly brought back down to earth!  The first large bike loop is on the island of Oland, and even though it is flat there is no shelter from the wind.  It wasn't a windy day, but I still felt it and found that part of the bike quite boring.  The bike is my least favourite discipline anyway so I was very happy to get into T2.

I sat for a while in T2 not really wanting to head out on the run, but once I got out I started enjoying it.  The crowd support was amazing and I loved seeing my supporters and stopping for a chat!  The run flew by, and before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line in a time of 13:31!

I decided to wear the Coeur Little Black Tri Kit, and it was so comfortable, I didn't even think about changing in T1 or T2.

So, the only questions that remain are, exactly how long am I going to keep celebrating for?  And when's the next one??

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