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Week 28 Ironman Training - 1st -7th August 2016 - Taper at Last

I can't believe it us really here, taper time!  It feels strange not to have so much training this week, although I still struggled to get the 4 hour bike session in.  I tried to cycle twice, first time there was too much traffic and I gave up after an hour, then it was too windy and I gave up again after an hour.  I ended up on the turbo for 2 hours instead.  A bit of panic has started to set in (I've heard that's normal?) - what if it's windy, what if it's too warm, what if it's raining, what if I get multiple flats, what if my chain breaks!  I think the aim for the next 2 weeks is relax, don't worry, get lots of sleep and try and eat as healthily as possible.


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