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Week 27 Ironman Training - 25th - 31st July 2016 - last big week

Week 27, the last big week before taper starts - except I feel I need one more long bike session so I'll do one more big bike next week.

I planned to do a metric Ironman this week (2.4km swim, 112km bike, 26km run).  I did the swim and bike ok, but just did a 5km run.  I felt OK, but had been out all day and just wanted to get home!

ive been practicing on.my tri bars this week.  I have found it difficult to get time on my bars outside as the roads are so busy and the weather has been so bad, so I went to a local industrial estate early on Saturday morning and got loads of practice.

My week ended up with a nice brick session, I cycled to the Cookstown half marathon (50 miles) and then took part in the race.  I was delighted to improve my race time last year by 13 minutes.

We have been getting great feedback on the seam free chamois from ladies who have bought Coeur tri shorts, it's so great not to have to worry about chaffing or discomfort on the bike.  

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