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Week 26 Ironman Training - 18th -24th July 2016 - Finish Line in sight

Week 25, I can't really believe it, where have the weeks gone?  Only this week and next of the big training hours and then taper time.  

This week did not exactly go according to plan.  All was good until the long run on Friday, I added in some hills in and felt a tightening in my right calf half way up the first one.  I took it really easy for the rest of the run but by the time I got home I was limping and it was really sore.  I decided to play it safe and took the weekend off, had a sports massage and hopefully it should be OK again by next week.

I have ordered the Graffiti Kit to wear in Sweden.

I absolutely love this kit and can't wait to get it next week!

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