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Week 24 Ironman Training - 4th -10th July 2016 - Who said a break was good for you?

I had a whole week off last week after Challenge Galway.  It was great fun at the time, but oh did I suffer this week because of it.  It took me about 4 days to get back into the swing of things and every session seemed much harder than before.  OK, so there was 17 hours of training this week, but I thought I would bounce back in all refreshed - no such luck!

A couple of achievements towards the end of the week have left me feeling a bit more confident, even if they were very hard fought achievements.  I cycled 86 windy rainy miles on Saturday, my longest ever cycle and on Sunday completed an iron distance open water swim in really choppy water.  

Tired but happy at the end of this week!

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