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Week 4 Ironman Training 1st-7th February - and Relax!!

Week 4 aka recovery week, although seemingly all that really means is 1 hour less training than last week and a sports massage!  Ok the sports massage is a really nice thing to look forward to especially if it includes hot stones.

I  also signed up for a 4 week front crawl development course with Northern Velocity at the 50m pool in Magherafet.  It's on 4 Sunday mornings for 2 hours, so that was an extra (much needed) session this week.

Recovery week looked like this:

Monday: Swim (300m warm up, 8x50m drills, 3x125m (20s rest), 2x175m (30s rest), 3x125m (20s rest), 8x50m drills, 200m cool down), Run (30 mins zone 2)

Tuesday: Brick Session (30 mins turbo zone 2, 15 mins run zone 2)

Wednesday: Run (45 mins zone 2)

Thursday: Sports Massage (yeah)

Friday: Swim (300m warm up, 8x50m drills, 16x25m with 10 secs rest, 1x400m with 60 secs rest, 16x25m with 10 secs rest, 8x50m drills, 200m cool down), Bike (turbo 30mins 100+ rpm)

Saturday: Bike (1hr 30mins turbo zone 2), Run (1hr zone 2)

Sunday: Rest

Total 7 hours training

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