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Week 19 Ironman Training - 23rd - 29th May 2016 - Just Keep Swimming

A few months ago I booked an open water swimming course run by Infinity Channel Swimming.  The course was Friday night and all day Saturday, so I was a bit concerned when I realised that it fell during a 16 hour training week.  I had to squeeze all my training into 5 days so I could take the weekend off for the course.

It started at 22:00 on Friday night with a night swim at Victoria Lock, Newry.  I had never done, or wanted to do a night swim before, but as there were 100 other brave souls getting in, I didn't feel too nervous.  It was a bit strange swimming in the dark with glowsticks attached to our caps, but I quite enjoyed it.

After a few hours sleep, we were up again for an early 2.2 km swim on Saturday morning.  This time it was coastal swimming in Carlingford bay, the water was a cool 12.5 degrees but ok once I got used to it.

The afternoon session was a 5km course, but you could do as little or as much as you wanted.  I set out to do 3K, but was enjoying it so much and felt so safe with all the canoes and boats that I ended up swimming 6.5km!  I was absolutely delighted with myself, I never thought I could swim that distance and went home very tired and happy!

It was a great opportunity to try out my Lakota Tri Suit under the wetsuit in preparation for the first race of the season next week.  

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