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Week 17 Ironman Training - 9th - 15th May 2016 - Strength Training & Choppy Waters


I have been thinking a lot about strength training over the last number of weeks.  It's something I know I should be doing, but it's tough enough to fit in all the training every week. I am also afraid of muscle soreness after strength training, I don't want to end up too sore to train the next day, so I've just been putting it off!

It was a timely coincidence then that I bumped into a friend who does a lot of strength training this week and she offered to come along and set me up with a quick simple routine I can slot in after training a few days a week!  I just have to do it now!

After the success of the first open water swim last week, I was quite looking forward to getting in again this week.  Thursday was a lovely day and I was thinking of getting in to lovely calm, slightly warmer water all day!  My imaginings could not have been further from the truth, the sea was really choppy and felt a LOT colder than last week.  I got in anyway and took the opportunity to get a feel for what it would be like to swim in really choppy water - not great!  I am going to have to force myself to start breathing from my right side as if I can't breath to my left in Sweden I could be in trouble!

Since we have had great weather this week, I haven't been out of my run gear, love the mix tape run shorts - they are so comfortable! 


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