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Week 16 Ironman Training - 2nd - 8th May 2016 - Another Recovery Week and a 50m pool

This was a recovery week in name only, I actually found this week really tough!  It wasn't helped by the fact that I started the week a day late due to a temperature and feeling dizzy that luckily went away in 24 hours.  I really felt the 13 hours being squeezed into 6 days instead of 7.  I've been wearing my Lakota tri shorts a lot this week, they are so comfortable on the bike and I love running in them!


A great sports massage on Thursday had me feeling good for the 3000m straight swim on Friday morning.  The local leisure centre was closed on Friday for election counting, so I decided to go to the 50m pool in Bangor, a nice early 5am start had me in the pool just after 6am ready to smash my previous 3000m time!  I really thought that the longer pool would improve my time significantly, after all I only had to turn half as much, but it didn't quite work like that, I only cut 30 seconds off my previous 3000m in a 25m pool.  Not sure exactly why, but it did feel like harder work swimming the 50m lengths!  

Perhaps the highlight of this week was getting into the sea at Helen's Bay on Sunday evening.  A few friends were going in, and even though I fully expected to die from hypothermia I thought I'd go along!  What a pleasant surprise, yes it was very cold, but not as bad as I thought and I managed to swim about 750m, not bad!

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