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Week 15 Ironman Training - 25th April - 1st May 2016 - Halfway Point!

I can't believe half of the training is finished.  It feels really good, but also really scary as I know how quickly the last 15 weeks have passed and I'm sure the next 15 will pass even faster!

This week was supposed to be 14 hours training, but I couldn't get my 4 hour bike session in, as it started snowing (in late April, crazy!!) just before I was about to head out so I ended up doing 2 hours on the turbo instead.  I'm telling myself 2 hours on the turbo is worth 4 hours cycling outside, I hope that's right!

Now it's May, my thoughts are turning to getting some open water swimming in.  The thought of it is almost unbearable, but I have to get a couple of sessions in before the double olympic in Athy on 4th June!

I'm loving running in the Coeur Little Black hot shorts.  

They have huge pockets in both legs which means I can easily carry my phone in one and some nutrition for longer runs in the other.

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