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Week 8 Ironman Training 29th February - 6th March 2016 - Nearly Spring?

I am very quickly getting used to looking forward to recovery week.  Not only does it mean 1 hour less training than the week before and a much needed sports massage, but it also means that another block of 4 has been ticked off!  The increase in training is happening very slowly but you do start to feel tired towards the end of week 3 and the promise of recovery week keeps you going!

The mornings are getting lighter so I am able to plan a run before the morning swim, great for making the day seem much longer!

Having signed up for the Larne half marathon on 19th March this week, I decided to amalgamate my 2 one hour runs to give me a longer training run. (Also meant an extra day off!)

It was great when I did my 2500m straight swim this week and find that the front crawl development course has helped, I cut a few minutes off my time!

Week 8 training:

Monday: Run (1.00 zone 2), Swim (2500m straight swim),

Tuesday: Brick Session (45 mins turbo zone 2, 15 mins run zone 2)

Wednesday: Bike (2.00 turbo zone 2)

Thursday: REST

Friday: Swim (300m warm up, 8x50m drills, 12x100m with 10 secs rest, 8x50 drills, 200 cool down), Bike (1:00 turbo 100+ RPM) 

Saturday: Run (2.00 zone 2)

Sunday: REST

Total 9 hours


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